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We are a family run business with a passion for
real traditional hand crafted ales.
About us

  18 years ago I walked into Highgate brewery hoping for a delivery job delivering beer, little did I know that 13 years later I would be running and owning my very own micro brewery.  After the closure of Highgate and completing  8 years in the trade,  successfully learning the vital skills needed I quickly found another job, this time in a micro brewery called Blue bear brewery.
 As I was the only brewer onsite I was left responsible for the day to day brewing, cleaning and packaging of the brewery which I gained massive experience for later on in my career. I later left Blue bear to go and work with an old friend at the Worcestershire brewing company.  Together myself and the head brewer worked on new recipes and new ideas and successfully built up a good reputation for our ales. This was the time when I came truly passionate about real traditional ales and made the first steps into building my own brewery.
Co Owner & Brewer: Andy Dukes

The Brewery


9 Gallon firkins

Brewing Tanks

Our brewery is set up as a 4 barrel plant production which means on a normal brewing day we can brew 144 gallons of beer (1'152 pints of ale!). Each tank is cleaned 1st by hand then by a c.i.p system (clean in place) with hot caustic. Then on brewing days sterilised with peracetic acid, The brewing process consists of 4 main steps. Step 1: Mashing, 2: Boiling. 3: Cooling 4: fermentation.
Brewing Materials play a massive part in the final out come of a brewery so We make sure to use only the finest ingredients in all of our ales. The 4 main Ingredients used on a brewing day is: Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast.
Hot water is mixed with different types of barley to create sugar, (wort) The wort is then boiled with hops to give bitter, flavour and aroma to your beer. Onced cooled yeast is added to start fermentation which the yeast feeds off the sugars to create alcohol. 
After being in vessel for 5-7days all of our ales are packaged into 9 gallon stainless steel casks. still containing live yeast and fermentable sugars the beer slowly goes through secondary fermentation, which the yeast feeds off the remaining sugars to create co2 giving your beer the natural condition it needs. Before a beer is served the cask will be stillaged up for 24hours, then vented and tapped before leaving it for a further 24-48 hours to settle.  

Coming soon

    Please like our facebook page to keep you up to date on our open days. Next open day is Sat 9th March from 11;30am real ale bar, plus plenty of presentation packs & mini kegs along with lots of craft bottle beer.
    Thank you !
  2. MINI KEGS (9 Pints)
    MINI KEGS (9 Pints)
    Please pre order your mini kegs to avoid disappointment Call or Text Andy on : 07841459212
    £ 14
  3. I.P.A now in bottle
    I.P.A now in bottle
    Pres packs £7 Mini Kegs £14 8pack bottles £14
  4. MINI KEGS Instructions
    MINI KEGS Instructions
    For better results allow can to be stillaged 24 hrs before opening, store between 10'c - 14'c, once opened consume with in 2-3 days, in between sessions shut both valves to keep the condition.
    Stuck on Aj's


Here are a list of Weatherspoons pubs you may see our ales in

St mathews hall        :   Walsall
Bellweather               :   Wednesbury
Royal tiger                 :   Wednesfield
Bloxwich Showman  :   Bloxwich
Sir henry new bolt    :   Bilston
Britannia                    :   Rowley regis
Avion                          :   Aldridge
Moon under water   :   Wolverhampton
Bottle of sack            :    Sutton coldfield
Mare pool                  :    Sutton Coldfield
Plaza                           :   Rugly
Chequer  Inn             :   Stourbridge
Gate house                :   Lichfield
Coart of request       :   West brom
Malt house                :   Willenhall
White Swan               :   Solihull
Arthur Robinson       :  Perry Bar
Elizabeth of York      :   Brum
Pump House             :   Brum
Briar Rose                  :   Brum
Square Peg                :   Brum